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When Donald Trump became president of the United States of America 4 years ago, we were warned from all sides about how terrible and evil this man is. The world was in shock, including Holland! From day 1, this man has been denounced, maligned, condemned, accused, rejected and almost lynched. With Trump being elected in 2016, the world was in the hands of a ‘dictator’. The popular German magazine Stern portrayed Trump on the cover as the new Hitler.

Led by the Democrats and the left-oriented American, European and Dutch media, we (the people) were bombarded with an unending negative stream of accusations towards Donald Trump. For two years, they tried to prove the conspiracy theory that the Russian leader Putin was responsible for Trumps victory. When they failed, the Democrats, out of desperation, started the ‘impeachment process, with the awful Nancy Pelosi leading the bunch, intentionally tearing apart the State of the Union of the 45th president of the United States of America in front of the camera. Hatred was in her eyes!

All means, yes no means excluded, were used by journalists, commentators and talkshowhosts of CNN, CBS, NBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, but also our own Dutch EenVandaag, Nieuwsuur, NOS Journaal, BNNVARA, Jinek, DWDD, M, Trouw, de Volkskrant, Het Parool, NRC and last but not least, all so-called celebrities and the LGBTI+ movement to get rid of the president a.s.a.p. They don’t even recognize themselves, when they’re babbling on about how they’re trying to show us with fervent zeal, that this man is pure evil!

This negative image that has been shown to us non-stop, was never about the truth. All their prejudices, opportunism, hypocrisy, ambition, personal or ideological agendas were about 1 thing and 1 thing only: the search for a weapon to stop Trump, driven by their hatred.

Even though there has never been a president that has kept the promises he’s made during the election like Trump! (I will mention a few)

  • He promised there would be no new wars and he kept that promise. He did handle ISIS and their leader Al Baghdadi. And the Iranian terror general Soleimani.

  • There is a peace process going on in the Middle East. Under the leadership of Trump, more and more Arabic nations make peace with Israel. You don’t hear much about it, but these are giant steps.

  • Because of Trump, more and more NATO countries, whether they like it or not, are taking their investments concerning peace and safety more serious.

  • The Chinese economical and strategic drive to expand has met a firm president (the only one so far) to limit their drive to expand. Since Trump approached North Korea, this nuclear force has kept quiet.

  • Trump is the only president bold enough to take a stand to address the horrible regime in Iran and to end this awful Iran deal.
    These are important matters when it comes to our safety and prosperity. Not only for the USA, but also for Europe and The Netherlands. Trump has never been given any credit for these big steps!

    With all his faults and shortcomings, also for us Christians, there has been no better president than president Trump!

  • Trump is openly pro-life and against abortion!

  • Trump is not in favor of the LGBTI+community!

  • Trump is a great friend of Israel! 23 Years after the American Congress decided that the Embassy should be moved to Jerusalem, 70 years after the founding of the State and 51 after the reunion of Jerusalem, Trump moved the Embassy to Jerusalem and in doing so, kept an important promise.

  • There has not been a president that has invited so many evangelical pastors into the Oval Office to pray for him and the nation. All his Christmas and Easter speeches have had more Christian content than the speeches of all the presidents before him combined.
    These are all reasons for the deep, intense hatred towards Trump from the beginning. The origin of this hatred doesn’t come from man, but from the principalities and evil powers the apostle Paul speaks of in Ephesians 6:12. By becoming president, Trump stood face to face with all these LEFT-ORIENTED, SPIRITS OF HATRED! They are rooted very deep in all important places of influence in society.

    This same hatred we also see in our nation, The Netherlands!

    We (the people) are being manipulated and have been lied to for years by politicians, the media and especially the LEFT-ORIENTED ones! Isn’t it remarkable that The Netherlands has been voting RIGHT-ORIENTED for years, but has a LEFT-ORIENTED policy? The largest political party (VVD) is RIGHT-ORIENTED! (for over 10 years) The SECOND largest party (PVV) is also RIGHT-ORIENTED! I wouldn’t be surprised if at the next elections, the third largest party would also be RIGHT-ORIENTED!


    It is because the LEFT-ORIENTED SPIRIT OF HATRED have always been huge abusers of power! They NEVER respect the boundaries of people that think differently. ‘NO’, means ‘MAYBE’ to them. And ‘MAYBE’ means ‘YES’. They are AGGRESSIVE MANIPULATORS that never back down. The word ‘NO’ is not in their vocabulary, unless they say it themselves!

    From day 1, they have not accepted Trump as president and with all their opposition they have enormously polarized the country and split it in two. ‘Left’ in Holland does the same with their anti-opinions, accusing the other side of polarization. The ‘left’ media works wholeheartedly with them! Even when Trump, after being demonized for 4 years still gets the votes of half of the nation. Then Biden takes the stand and says: ‘I want to be a president for all Americans. Let’s talk to one another again, let us bear one another and reconcile!’ Biden and the Democrats want to bring unity, while they have hysterically resisting and have never accepted this president as their president. For 4 years, non-stop, they have undermined the authority of this president with their anti-Trump ranting. But even more important and dangerous, they have also undermined the democracy!

    Now, all of a sudden, the other side has to accept Biden as their president. Of coarse including the left-oriented and socialistic policy of the Democrats with the extreme-left Kamala Harris as vice-president and the Obama’s as the driving force in the background. This hits the core of their awful blindness for those with different views, whom they will never accept or surrender to!

    LEFT SPIRITS NEVER listen to where OUR BOUNDARIES lie. Overconfident and sneakily they bulldozer over our boundaries. They won’t hesitate to use VIOLENCE and AGGRESSION. They have no understanding of where the boundaries of people with different views lie, because they live in a world where everyone needs to say ‘YES’ to their way of thinking. ‘NO’ is not an option for them!

    We all have to live according to THEIR LEFT-ORIENTED IDEOLOGY, because there is no other existing world! When you oppose their LEFT-ORIENTED WAY OF THINKING, and proclaim something different, immediately you will be called a racist, narcissist, fascist and all other ‘cists’ combined. Nowadays, large groups of people are being muzzled! Because the vast majority of the media is also left-oriented, they join in the demonizing and destruction of people with different views. We have seen this happening for 4 years with Donald Trump. But the same with Geert Wilders for 10 years and the last couple of years with Thierry Baudet and of course with all who sympathize with them. This eventually led to the death of Pim Fortuyn!

    Such hatred flows from the left-oriented towards these men. But they fail to understand or they refuse to understand that it’s not just these men, but that there is a large, growing group of people that DOES NOT share their left-oriented way of thinking and who want to live in a different world than their left-oriented world. Isn’t it too crazy for words that, in the free western world, you have to be careful when wishing to vote for a Trump, Wilders or Baudet? But the majority keeps quiet about these things!

    By the ENORMOUS, DRIVEN SELFISHNESS of those LEFT-ORIENTED SPIRITS, they don’t even realize how much they abuse us (the people). I warn you for such things, because these ANTI GOD LEFT-ORIENTED SPIRITS want to force us into their NEW WORLD ORDER. This NEW WORLD ORDER is a BORDERLESS WORLD with a TOTALITARIAN SYSTEM!

    ‘Total power of the state, in which interests of individual citizens are subdued to the interest of the state.’

    Not that long ago, COMMUNISM was the most powerful system on this earth. More than 65% of the world population was ruled by this system. The Iron Curtain separated one side from the other. On one side COMMUNISM and on the other CAPITALISM. CAPITALISM is built upon the DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM. The WESTERN WORLD considers this system as the solution to all global problems.

    BUT IS IT?

    When we look at all the DICTATORS in the world and how they oppress their people, we can say with certainty that the democratic system is THE BEST SYSTEM this world has ever known. The dictionary says: ‘DEMOCRACY IS A FORM OF GOVERNMENT in which ‘THE PEOPLE’ are governed by ‘CHOSEN REPRESENTATIVES’ out of their own ranks.’ This means that the people choose power and power governs the people!

    The great English statesmen Winston Churchill once said: ‘The worst form of government is democracy, but until now it’s the best form of government there has ever been.’

    Democracy is being used to improve the world. Western society tries its best to promote this system all around the world. It finds a stage everywhere! But at the same time, it’s also a GREAT DANGER! In itself, it all looks very positive! A BORDERLESS WORLD where ALL PEOPLE can be united in the system of DEMOCRACY.
    Note: a LEFT-ORIENTED DEMOCRACY, because a democratic system can only function well when LEFT is IN CHARGE!

    Maybe you’re saying: What is wrong about a UNIVERSAL BROTHER/SISTERHOOD and a GLOBAL UNITY of PEACE and PROSPERITY?

    I’ll tell you this: at first glance, absolutely NOTHING! But when you know the BIBLE, you know what this is all leading up to. Because at THE PEAK OF ITS SUCCESS, democracy will CHANGE FACE. THE CAT COMES OUT OF THE BAG and DEMOCRACY turns out the be an AWFUL MONSTER, out to GET TOTAL WORLD DOMINION.

    And she will have it!

    THE GREAT DANGER is that you don’t see it coming. In case you don’t know; the PROCESS OF DEMOCRACY towards a TOTALITARIAN POWER is in FULL SWING today! The CLIMAT GOALS, the CORONA CRISIS, the UNIFICATION of all the GLOBAL PROBLEMS and QUESTIONS; they are all things that rapidly speed up the process towards a totalitarian power!



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