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When Donald Trump became president of the United States of Amerika, we were all warned from all sides how terrible and evil this man is. The world was turned upside down, also in the Netherlands! From day one this man has been denounced, reviled, condemned, accused, rejected and not yet shot. With the election of Trump in 2016, America and the world were at the mercy of a “dictator.” The well-known German weekly Stern presented Trump on the front page as the new Hitler.

Led by the Democrats and the left-wing American, European and Dutch media, we (the people) were bombarded with a continuous negative stream of accusations and rumors against Donald Trump. For two years, a conspiracy theory had to be proven that Russian leader Putin was actually responsible for Trump’s victory. When that failed, the desperate Democrats started the impeachment process led by that terrible Nancy Pelosi, who deliberately tore up the 45th president’s State of the Union in front of the camera. Hatred radiated from her eyes!

Really all the stops were pulled out by journalists, commentators and talk show hosts from CNN, CBS, NBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, but also by our Dutch broadcasters, talk shows and newspapers, not to mention all those so-called celebrities and the LGBTI+ movement to get rid of this president prematurely. When you hear them chatter, you see that they themselves do not even realize how they have pretended to us for four years that everything about this man is evil through and through!

From the negative image that continuously has been presented to us, it was not at all and never about the truth. But with all their prejudices, opportunism, hypocrisy, ambition, personal or ideological agendas, from day one it was all about one thing: the hate-driven quest for a weapon to stop Trump.

This while no president has kept as many election promises as Trump! (I will just name a few)

  • He promised no new wars and kept that promise. He did deal with IS and their leader Al-Baghdadi. And with the Iranian terror general Soleimani.
  • A peace process is in progress in the Middle East. Under Trump’s leadership, more and more Arabic countries have made peace with Israel. You do not hear much about that, but they are giant steps.
  • Under pressure from Trump, more and more NATO countries – whether they like it or not – took their spending on peace and security seriously.
  • China’s economic and strategic drive for expansion found only in this president a formidable limiter. And since Trump’s rapprochement, North Korea’s nuclear power has kept a low profile.
  • Trump is the only president who has dared to take his stand to deal with that terrible regime in Iran and break that equally terrible Iran deal.

These are important issues when it comes to our security and prosperity. Not only for America, but also for Europe and the Netherlands. Trump never got any credit for these big steps!

Despite all his mistakes, shortcomings, and numerous moral problems, Trump turned out to be the best friend Israel has ever had in the White House. And also for us Christians there has been no better president than president Trump.

  • Trump is openly pro-life and against abortion.
  • Trump does not support the LGBTI+ community.
  • Trump is a great friend of Israel. 23 years after the US Congress decided to move the embassy to Jerusalem, 70 years after the founding of the state and 51 years after the reunification of Jerusalem, Trump has fulfilled an important promise with the relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
  • No president has allowed so many evangelical pastors into the Oval Office to pray for him and the nation. And all of his Christmas and Easter talks had more Christian content than all other presidents before him combined.

These are all reasons for the deep, intense hatred that has been directed against Trump from the beginning. The core of that hatred does not come from men, but from principalities and evil spiritual forces, of which the apostle Paul speaks in Ephesians 6:12. In taking office, Trump came face to face with all those ANTI-DIVINE HATE SPIRITS who are so entrenched in their position in all important places of influence in society.

From day one they have not accepted Trump as president. And when Trump has been completely demonized for four years and still ends up with half the country voting for him, Biden stands on the barricade and says, “I want to be a president to all Americans. Let’s talk again, get along and reconcile!” Biden and the Democrats want to bring unity, after four years of hysterical resistance and never accepting Trump as their president. And now all Trump voters must suddenly accept Biden as their president. Yes, of course, and with the Democrats’ accompanying left-wing and socialist policies, with the far left Kamala Harris as vice president and the Obamas as the driving forces in the background. This gets to the heart of their terrible blindness to dissenters, whom they will never accept and never resign to!

In the meantime the White House is completely changing course. Biden gets back on track with the leaders of Iran and the Palestinians. And there is a lot to fear from Iran. Make no mistake: those religious leaders are ruthless and the West is being deceived! Thanks to that disastrous Iran nuclear deal, Iran cashed in billions of dollars to develop ballistic missiles and is gearing up for war with Israel. Iran is not only the arch enemy of Israel, but also of the West and the Christians! Do not be fooled by the smiling faces of those modern leaders. For behind those masks hide the same spiritual principalities and forces as in the heart of the realm of darkness. If our leaders were willing to believe what their eyes see, it should scare them! But they look away and treat Iran as an honorable party. Iran is working with China and Russia to protect their interests, and Europe will undoubtedly go along with it. Unwise, because this plan strengthens this monster’s war machine in every way. This storm will not pass, but will roar louder and louder. It was very courageous and justly that Trump put an end to this!

Not only Trump as a person is intensely hated by the Democrats and the left-wing media, but his legacy is also hated to the extreme. And because his Israeli hostile predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama, is pulling the strings behind the scenes of Biden’s administration, this will continue for years to come. The Biden / Obama administration is pro-Palestinian and pro-Iran and you can see that very clearly through the pro-Iranian / Palestinian officials they have placed in key positions. Trump’s pro-Israel measures, such as relations with the Palestine Liberation Organization PLO, were reversed immediately after Biden took office.

Under Biden, the US will rejoin the nuclear deal with Iran committed to the destruction of Israel. And with that, the anti-Israeli attitude of Ishmael / Haman and Hitler under president Biden’s leadership will continue. In fact, everything goes exactly as God said in His Word. In that regard, this world is right on track!

My prayer is that God will watch over His people as Israel’s guardian and that another man or woman may arise who has the courage and strength to do what president Donald John Trump dared to do against all the pressure and opposition.

Who knows in 2024!


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